Success Stories 

Estate Planning - "A year ago this month our family found ourselves caring for our sister who was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Like many people she has always found it difficult to deal with the realities of life, death and business.  As a family we found ourselves trying to deal with her illness in addition to trying to help maintain and organize her estate.  A close friend recommended Tracy Kayser to help get our sister's estate in order.  Tracy traveled to our home for our first consultation and provided us with the information we needed to help our sister with her estate. The first task was to establish an Irrevocable Living Trust for my sister.  After meeting with our sister as to what her wishes were, Tracy was off and running leaving us with the knowledge that our sister’s wishes can be followed with no questions asked.  Tracy’s true professionalism spurred other family and friends to get their business affairs in order.  I am proud to say that Tracy is my friend for life.  The work she is doing for Kayser Law Group can give you the peace of mind for years to come." ~ VN

Probate - "Just a note of thanks regarding your recommendation of Tracy Kayser to represent us in probate court.  As you may recall, the property was involved in civil litigation, making a simple closing among the principals impossible.  I would like you to know that Tracy not only did her job well, she also coordinated with our civil case Attorney to resolve that issue.  Prior to submitting to the probate court the Petition for Final Distribution, Tracy arranged a successful phone negotiation with opposing Attorney and me to resolve any disputes regarding the probate petition and dismissal of the civil case.  Thanks again for recommending Tracy." ~ PA

Estate Planning - "In January of this year I decided it was finally time for my 85 year old elderly father, who had resided in his home in Covina, California for approximately 25 years, to move into an assisted living facility.  Conditions and circumstances within his house were quickly deteriorating and it was no longer an ideal environment for him.

I found Tracy through the National Academy of Elder Law Attorney website (  She had a knowledgeable demeanor as she outlined her approach to help my elderly father.  It was very comforting for me to speak with a legal representative who understood all the walls I was up against. After speaking with my Father, he reluctantly agreed to meet with her.

After their meeting, Tracy called me to let me know that my father was not only completely agreeable with her presentation, but he had agreed to her preparing his Power of Attorney and Medical Directive as soon as possible.  I was thrilled and could not thank her enough for (patiently) and carefully explaining the process and helping him understand the crucial importance of these legal matters.  I then spoke with my father that same evening.  He told me how nice Tracy was, and how she took the time he needed to have everything explained in detail for him. I could tell my father was rather proud about feeling that he took care of things as he knew he must.

I have already highly recommended her to a number of individuals and will continue to do.  She is great to work with." ~ CB

"I came to Tracy through a mutual transaction we were working on.  As a Title Officer employed by a large Title Insurance Firm part of our relationships are with Attorney Firms thus working with some fine Attorneys.  I can not begin tell you how blessed and fortunate I am to have had that one transaction, because of that transaction I was fortunate enough to have come to know Tracy not just as an outstanding, bright and knowledgeable Attorney she is but what a down to earth person with such integrity that is so rare to find in this industry.

I know that I can put all of my trust in Tracy not only in referring her all of my clients but also to know that she is not just about the financial gain but really caring for each client and doing what’s needed to ensure that they’re minds are put to ease in their particular area of concern or situation." ~ JF

"Tracy, my thanks to you and your staff.  You were a pleasure to work with and I will recommend you to anyone I know should I have the opportunity.  Thanks again for your help and your prompt responses to my many inquiries." ~ ES

"When my mother had recently passed away, I had felt lost in the legal system to claim my inheritance until I met Tracy and Eileen from Kayser Law Group. Kayser Law Group help guide me through the legal system with warmth, compassion and understanding. I really felt I had friends on my side that wanted the best for me. Kayser Law Group is a true blessing and they truly helped all my dreams to come true. Thank-you so much for being there for me Kayser Law Group." - Glorianna