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Rules For Wealth Preservation

In our modern world wealth is many different things to many different people. Most people hear wealth and automatically think of someone like Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. True, these individuals are mega wealthy, but that does not mean that their status is one of ‘true wealth’ through the eyes of all humans. Like most things in this world, what wealth in this life looks like is best determined separately by each individual.

While it is true that our floating gob of dirt upon which we live today, commonly known as Earth, is the home of many diverse and unique people, the strategies accepted and utilized for individual wealth creation can be very diverse from one masked human to another person. Not everyone wants to be rich or overly wealthy. Nonetheless, there is always one common thread. Everyone wants to be financially free, happy and secure. So … read on for the Five Laws to Wealth Preservation.

Number One - Set Goals

Setting goals creates your personal roadmap. Start with the end in mind and work in reverse. If you need help with this consider working with a financial advisor or attorney for the answers to the following questions. Always remember that you are the boss, and ultimately all decisions are yours to make. Ask yourself: Where am I today financially?; Where do I want or need to be?; & What strategies will I use to get there?

Number Two - Reduce & Eliminate Debt

Wise money people will readily warn you: “Trying to create wealth while having debt is like walking with cement blocks on your feet." Well … debt is just that — cement blocks on your feet or a 50 ton boulder on your back. Imagine that you are wanting to create and preserve wealth for yourself and your family but you have a mountain of debt to get rid of. Honestly assess whether you have created anything at all? If you are truly committed to creating wealth you must get rid of all your "bad" debt.

Number Three - Pay Yourself First

It is an ancient Babylonian theory that '10 percent of all I make is mine to keep'. However, today most of society is conditioned to paying "others" first, such as the telephone company, the electricity company or the bank. While this article is not suggesting that you do not be responsible and meet your obligations, it is recommending that as important as these expenses are, you must place your financial future above them. The thing to keep in mind and always remember is how much you earn is not what matters most, but instead how much you keep.

Number Four - Buy, Hold & Prosper

Within financial circles it is often advised to invest a portion of your income in something, such as real estate, businesses, precious metals, or stocks. That said, investing in solid and long term assets probably remains one of the safest ways to protect your money, secure your future buying power and create your long-term wealth preservation process.

Number Five - Remain Diligent & Stay Committed

Along the way you will invariably be challenged by circumstances, life events, and just "stuff". At times it may be difficult to look at your situation and see an eventual end. Remember to stay the course and be diligent to the strategy that you have created.

You may have to make small adjustments along the way. That is okay. Just remember to always keep moving forward in the direction of the goals that you originally set out to achieve.

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